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Anson Restaurant Menu 2024 with Opening and Closing Hours

If you’re in the mood for an exceptional dining experience that combines the charm of Charleston with the sophistication of expertly prepared seafood and more, Anson Restaurant is your go-to destination. The dinner menu at Anson is a celebration of flavors, meticulously crafted to satisfy your cravings with a touch of elegance and innovation.

Anson Restaurant welcomes guests every evening from Tuesday to Saturday, starting at 5:00 PM, with a menu that promises an adventure for your palate. From the moment you glance at the menu, you’ll be enticed by starters like the She Crab Soup and Shrimp de Jonghe, each dish setting the stage for the culinary excellence that follows.

Seafood enthusiasts will revel in the selection of fresh oysters, both roasted and on the half shell, and the luxurious Caviar Service, while those looking for something a bit more terrestrial will find solace in the hearty flavors of the Filet Mignon or the NY Strip, each accompanied by a choice of sumptuous accompaniments.

But Anson’s menu isn’t just about the starters and mains; it’s a comprehensive journey through tastes and textures, from the crisp freshness of the Little Gem Salad to the indulgent depths of the Crab Mac & Cheese. And for those who cherish the end of the meal as much as the beginning, the dessert offerings, including the classic Pecan Pie ala mode, provide a sweet conclusion to a memorable dining experience.

At Anson Restaurant in Charleston, every dish is a testament to the art of cooking, with flavors that echo the rich culinary heritage of the region while embracing a modern flair. Whether you’re a local foodie or a visitor looking to immerse yourself in Charleston’s dining scene, Anson Restaurant offers a dinner menu that’s bound to leave a lasting impression.

Anson Restaurant Menu Highlights with Price Details

Anson Restaurant’s meals boasts a variety of well-crafted dishes that embody the essence of Southern cuisine. Patrons can expect a selection that marries traditional ingredients with an upscale twist, highlighting fresh seafood, prime cuts of steak, and house-made desserts.


ItemDescriptionEstimated CaloriesPrice (USD)
She Crab Soup200-300$14
Shrimp de JongheBaked local shrimp with sherry, garlic, bread crumbs, herbs250-350$24
Caesar SaladBaby romaine with croutons and parmesan150-250$12
Fried Green TomatoesWith bacon jam and pimento cheese300-400$16
Baby Beet SaladWith buffalo burrata and pistachio vinaigrette200-300$15
Little Gem SaladWith Marcona almond, pickled cherries, apple, green goddess dressing180-280$13
Roasted East Coast OystersWith garlic butter, parmesan, bread crumbs100-200 per oyster$22
East Coast Oysters on the Half Shell50-100 per oyster$18 1/2 dozen, $36 dozen
Caviar ServiceGolden Osetra caviar 1 oz., with kettle chips, creme fraiche300-400$105
Crispy Brussels SproutsWith fish sauce, chilis, scallions, cashews250-350$14
Crab LouieWith butter lettuce, Alaskan king crab, cornichons, cured egg yolk, tomato powder, remoulade300-400$29
Tuna CrudoAhi tuna with golden beet & pineapple agrodulce, pickled pineapple & cucumber, chili oil, celery200-300$22

Ala Carte

ItemDescriptionEstimated CaloriesPrice (USD)
Filet Mignon 8oz.With roasted tomato, parmesan, gruyere, chimichurri600-800$60
Veal Parmesan 14oz.Bone-in veal chop with pomodoro, provolone, basil parmesan700-900$62
NY Strip 14 oz.With roasted tomato, parmesan, gruyere, chimichurri800-1000$70


ItemDescriptionEstimated CaloriesPrice (USD)
Chili Crisp Butter, etc.Various flavored butters100-150 per serving$4-$8
Add-ons (Scallop, Shrimp, Lobster, Crab)50-200 per add-on$12-$25


ItemDescriptionEstimated CaloriesPrice (USD)
French Fries300-400$8
Potato Puree200-300$10
Charred Broccolini100-200$12
Duck Fat Greek Potatoes300-400$12
Squash Medley100-200$10
GritsGround here200-300$10
Corn Cotija CheeseWith chili butter, cilantro250-350$10
Crab Mac & CheeseWith Gruyere, breadcrumbs500-700$15


ItemDescriptionEstimated CaloriesPrice (USD)
Pan Roasted GrouperWith cashew curry, sauteed vegetable500-700$48
Whole Crispy FlounderWith apricot shallot sauce, slaw600-800$42
HalibutWith squash, zucchini, sugar snap peas, turmeric ginger buerre blanc500-700$46
Pan Seared ScallopsWith butternut squash Charleston gold risotto, warm brown butter pecan vinaigrette600-800$48
Shrimp & GritsWith creamy grits, bacon & tomatoes700-900$38
CheeseburgerWith two patties, brioche bun, pickles, special sauce, red onion, French fries800-1000$22
SalmonWith Napa cabbage, bok choy, caramelized onion jus, truffle shiitake vinaigrette600-800$38


ItemDescriptionEstimated CaloriesPrice (USD)
Lobster BuccatiniWith grape tomato, white wine, garlic, breadcrumbs600-800$44
Miso CarbonaraWith miso butter, Neuske’s bacon, scallions, parmesan, black pepper, cured egg yolk700-900$33
Spinach & Ricotta RavioliWith tomato, white wine, garlic, mushroom ragout500-700$34


ItemDescriptionEstimated CaloriesPrice (USD)
Pecan Pie ala Mode, etc.Various desserts400-600$10-$12


The Starters menu tantalizes taste buds with options such as the Roasted Oyster Appetizer, which features succulent oysters enriched with chili crisp butter and Maytag blue cheese butter. For those who favor the garden’s bounty, the Beet Salad with green goddess dressing offers a refreshing beginning to the dining experience.

Main Courses

Under Main Courses, guests can choose from an array of sophisticated entrees. The NY Strip, served with truffle shiitake vinaigrette, celebrates the robust flavors of beef, while the Cheeseburger comes with a special sauce that elevates this classic to new heights. Pasta lovers might delight in dishes that incorporate ingredients like Napa cabbage and caramelized onion jus, providing a complex flavor profile.

Signature Entrees

Signature Entrees highlight Anson’s commitment to showcasing Southern flavors with a refined touch. The Shrimp and Grits is a comforting choice, placing plump shrimp atop creamy grits. In another signature dish, the Whole Crispy Flounder is presented beautifully and paired with bok choy, making it a standout selection.


For a sweet conclusion, the Desserts section offers a delectable array of choices. The Duck Fat Apple Streusel promises a harmonious blend of textures and flavors, while the Almond Basket filled with seasonal fruit and topped with truffle shiitake vinaigrette completes the meal with a delicate flourish. Dessert aficionados might also indulge in the classic Southern Pecan Pie, which is sure to satisfy those with a sweet tooth.

Beverages and Bar

At Anson Restaurant, the bar selection reflects a commitment to quality and local offerings. The establishment prides itself on a diverse array of cocktails and fine wines, as well as a variety of non-alcoholic choices to cater to all preferences.

Cocktails and Wine

  • Cocktails: Patrons can savor handcrafted mixtures that showcase a blend of classic and contemporary styles. The cocktails are crafted with high-quality spirits and fresh, often local ingredients that underline the venue’s support of local distilleries. Signature Cocktails Price Notes Local Bourbon Smash $12 Highlighting local bourbon Seasonal Martini $11 Infused with fresh produce
  • Wine: The wine list at Anson Restaurant is regularly updated, offering selections that range from robust local vintages to international favorites perfect for pairing with the menu’s dishes. Wine Type Description Glass Bottle Red Local Pinot Noir $10 $38 White Imported Chardonnay $9 $34

Non-Alcoholic Selections

For those who prefer non-alcoholic beverages, the selection includes premium coffees, teas, and artisanal sodas. Each option is chosen for its quality and taste, ensuring that all guests have a beverage choice that is both satisfying and refreshing.

  • Coffee & Tea
    • Specialty Brewed Coffee: $3
    • Organic Tea Assortment: $2.50
  • Artisanal Sodas
    • Homemade Ginger Beer: $4
    • Craft Root Beer: $4

Whether one is seeking a fine wine to complement dinner, a creative cocktail as a standalone treat, or a refreshing non-alcoholic beverage, Anson Restaurant’s “Beverages and Bar” caters to all with confidence and expertise.

Anson Restaurant Opening and Closing Hours and Reservation Information

Anson Restaurant offers an efficient reservations system to ensure diners have a seamless experience planning their visit. They provide straightforward options for guests, allowing them to book their tables with ease.

DayOpening HoursClosing HoursNotesTuesday5:00 PM-Dinner service beginsWednesday5:00 PM-Dinner service beginsThursday5:00 PM-Dinner service beginsFriday5:00 PM-No to-go orders after 6:30 PMSaturday5:00 PM-No to-go orders after 6:30 PMSundayClosedClosed-MondayClosedClosed-

Making Reservations

Anson Restaurant makes it simple for customers to secure a table. Guests can make a reservation online at any time, giving them instant confirmation of their booking. The process is designed to be user-friendly and hassle-free, accommodating dinner plans for parties of various sizes. Tables can be booked for dates such as Feb 11, 2024, at 9:30 PM for two people, indicating the potential to schedule reservations well in advance.

What time does Anson Restaurant start and stop serving dinner?

Anson Restaurant starts serving dinner at 5:00 PM from Tuesday through Saturday. The specific closing time for dinner service was not provided in the information shared. Typically, dinner service at restaurants might end anywhere from 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM, especially on weekends.

Best Days to Visit

While Anson Restaurant provides an exquisite dining experience throughout the week, those seeking a quieter atmosphere might consider visiting on a Tuesday, as the weekends tend to draw larger crowds. For a more vibrant scene, Saturday evenings are ideal, with the restaurant’s hours extending until 9:30 PM, perfect for those looking to enjoy a weekend dinner outing. It’s important to note that the restaurant is remarkably popular, so Saturday reservations should be made with ample lead time to secure a spot.

Atmosphere and Dining Experience

Those who dine at Anson Restaurant are treated to a blend of refined and relaxed settings, with exceptional service defining their experience. The interior promises an atmosphere suitable for various dining scenarios, from business meetings to romantic dinners.

Ambience and Decor

Anson Restaurant’s ambience strikes a balance between the casual comfort found in a neighborhood bistro and the sophistication of fine dining. The upstairs dining area extends a more intimate environment, approximating a setting ideal for locals and those visiting Charleston seeking a refined experience. The decor of the restaurant infuses elements of Charleston’s rich history, creating an alliance between the past and present.

Quality of Service

Service at Anson Restaurant is often described as friendly and attentive. Staff members are recognized for their professionalism and ability to create a welcoming atmosphere for all guests, whether they are stopping in for a casual meal with friends or commemorating a special occasion. The meticulous nature of the service contributes to the overall fine dining experience, positioning Anson as a staple for excellent service in the region.

Specialty Services

Anson Restaurant offers an array of specialty services to enhance dining experiences beyond the traditional sit-down meal. They ensure patrons have options for diverse occasions, whether it’s a business luncheon or a friendly gathering.

Catering Options

Anson Restaurant provides a full-service catering program designed to bring their signature dishes right to your event location. They offer a diverse menu selection suitable for various dietary preferences and event sizes. With delivery options available, clients can organize a catered experience for both large and small groups, ensuring the same quality and taste Anson is known for is present at every affair.

  • Menu Flexibility: Tailored to client needs, from small plates to full-course meals.
  • Delivery Services: Reliable and prompt for all catering events.

Private Events

The restaurant excels at hosting private events, with dedicated spaces available for booking. They cater to a range of functions, including business meetings, intimate dinners, and larger celebrations. Anson Restaurant’s team works closely with clients to personalize the experience, ensuring each event is memorable.

  • Customizable Spaces: Suitable for varied group sizes and event styles.
  • Event Support: Staff provide meticulous planning and service during the event.

Customer Feedback

Assessing customer feedback is pivotal in understanding the dining experience at Anson Restaurant. Patrons frequently share their dining experiences through various platforms, painting a detailed picture of what future diners can expect.

Online Reviews

Online reviews are a treasure trove of customer opinions and experiences at Anson Restaurant. A significant number of diners have contributed reviews on Yelp, revealing a 4.3-star rating from over 400 reviews. Common praises highlight the restaurant’s excellent seafood dishes, specifically the Whole Crispy Flounder, as well as the generous portions and flavorsome entrees. The restaurant’s Southern charm and American cuisine seem to resonate well with patrons, with many reviews commending the wonderful food and atmosphere.


Testimonials from diners play a key role in showcasing the reputation of Anson Restaurant. These testimonials often feature phrases like “very good” when referencing the She Crab Soup and Pecan Pie Ala Mode, emphasizing both the quality and taste of these dishes. The restaurant’s ability to garner positive feedback consistently is a testament to its commitment to providing a high-quality dining experience.

Connecting with Anson

Anson Restaurant prides itself on providing a variety of channels through which diners and food enthusiasts can connect and stay updated with its offerings. From the latest menu selections to special events, staying in touch with Anson ensures an informed and enhanced dining experience.

Social Media Presence

Anson Restaurant actively maintains a presence on multiple social media platforms. Followers can anticipate regular updates showcasing new menu items, behind-the-scenes looks into the kitchen, and exclusive promotions. To engage with the restaurant and become a part of its online community, individuals can follow:

  • Instagram: Find them at @AnsonRestaurant for mouthwatering images of their Southern cuisine.
  • Facebook: Like their page for updates on seasonal dishes and restaurant news.

Contact Information

For reservations or inquiries, direct communication is both welcomed and encouraged by Anson Restaurant. The contact details are as follows:

  • Address: Anson Restaurant, 12 Anson Street, Charleston, SC, 29401, United States.
  • Phone: Reach out to the team by calling (843) 577-0551 during their Hours of Operation:
    • Tuesday to Thursday: 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm
    • Friday and Saturday: 5:00 pm – 9:30 pm
  • Email: For a more detailed inquiry or feedback, send an email to

Connecting with Anson Restaurant is a straightforward experience, with various options tailored to fit the preference of every guest. Whether it’s through vibrant social media interactions or more personalized communication, Anson ensures that guests are well-informed and ready to enjoy the best of Southern dining.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Anson Restaurant have gluten gluten-free items?

Yes, Anson in Charleston, SC offers gluten-free options on their menu.

Does Anson Restaurant Have a Kids Menu?

Anson Restaurant no longer has a children’s menu. For families dining with children, it would be advisable to review the regular menu or inquire with the restaurant directly to determine suitable options for young diners.

What are the current specials being offered at Anson Restaurant?

Anson Restaurant regularly updates its specials and offers innovative dishes based on seasonal ingredients. To view the latest offerings, prospective diners should visit the Dinner Menu on Anson’s official website.

Can I find Anson Restaurant’s menu online in a downloadable format?

Currently, the menu for Anson Restaurant is available for viewing directly on their website. Interested parties should check Anson’s official menu page for the most up-to-date options.

What are some of the signature dishes at Anson Restaurant in Charleston SC?

Anson Restaurant is known for highlighting local cuisine, with signature dishes often featuring fresh seafood and contemporary twists on Southern classics. Reviews on Tripadvisor reflect the restaurant’s reputation for exceptional food reflecting the culinary heritage of Charleston.

Is there a dress code for dining at Anson Restaurant?

While Anson Restaurant does not specify a strict dress code, the setting is upscale, and business casual attire is recommended for diners aiming for a more sophisticated dining experience.

What is the address of Anson Restaurant in Charleston?

Anson Restaurant is located at 12 Anson Street, Charleston, SC, 29401. Detailed contact information is available on their website, including directions and hours of operation.

Are there any similar restaurants to Anson in the Charleston area?

Charleston is home to a variety of dining establishments that offer a comparable experience to Anson Restaurant, with options ranging from local seafood to contemporary Southern dishes. For those seeking waterfront dining in close proximity, the Marriott’s waterfront dining options provide a selection of establishments with diverse culinary offerings.

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