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Poogan’s Porch Menu (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) for 2024

For a perfect three-course meal with quick bites of light food, Poogan’s Porch comes with amazing options all over its menu. Taking the Poogan’s Porch menu in your hand, you’ll be introduced to its diversified section of food and drinks.

If you start with the starter, the menu talks cheese. Their cheesy items have been trendy along with the light take-up of veggie items.

Breakfast is usually popularized by egg items, after all, it’s the best to take at the time. You’ll find pork and bacon to be sized and added up beside the egg menus or separately. There are chickens as well, to keep you never unsatisfied.

Coming to lunch, all of them are heavy and delicious to go by noon. From the famous Angus burger to sandwiches to various shrimp items, there are 6-different items to provide you with your favorite dish at the table.

A premium restaurant like Poogan’s Porch got its name mainly for the dinner ambiance and food. The steaks of Angus beef and lamb shanks are the most popular and preferred to enjoy at the place. There are salmon items alongside shrimp and other combos for a different taste. And yes, chicken items are always there for your taste along with pork and bacon additions.

You can take their salads, which are listed separately. And for desserts, their chocolate cakes and fruit jar of apple pudding are very popular.

You can also order food for your kids separately from the usual menu. For kids of 12 years old and below, there are customized menus with sufficient ingredients and light plates. These are pretty much sufficient for children. If not, you can always pick one from the casual menu.

Poogan’s Porch Menu with Price List

Poogan's Porch Menu and Services

Poogan’s porch got you a whole bunch of meals for you, serving you all the time. The most important thing, is you are getting them fresh and perfectly cooked as these are limited for desired timings.

With no further talking, let’s get to see what Poogan’s Porch got for us on the menu.


Starting your course and food, poogan’s proch brings you 6 different mood lighters.

Pimento cheese fritters$14
Mac & Cheese$12
She-crab Soup$9-12
Fried Green Tomatoes$13
Blue Crab Dip$17
Lowcountry Mussels$16

Pimento cheese fritters are simply cheesed bacon deep-deep-fried with your favorite mayo and other sauces.

She-crab soup is amazing here. You can avail them in cups, along with a bowl at a little more price.

Fried green tomatoes and blue crab dip are for a quick bite before you start off your main meal. Their sides are superb.

For veggie lovers, there are Lowcountry mussels. It is mainly focused on different vegetables with perfectly cooked mussels with bread served.

And mac & cheese like usual restaurants is always there for hurry gulps.

Breakfast Entries

For a perfect delightful breakfast, poogan’s Porch comes up with 5 items for lunch. These are as follows:

Down Home Breakfast$14
Egg-White Omelet$14
Chicken Fried Pork Chop$19
Chicken & Waffles$20
Brioche French Toast$14

All these items are more or less chicken-based. So, ensuring protein in your body is the primary goal of the menu.

Within $14, you are getting the down-home breakfast, coming up with 2-eggs and your choice of bacon or sausage. Within the same price, an egg white omelet with cheddar cheese, mushrooms, and browns is also available.

For a little heavy meal, there are chicken & waffles. The pieces of the chickens are breast pieces to fill your appetite. Don’t worry, you’ll be served with honey and chocolate syrups for a yummy waffle eat-up.

There is chicken fried pork chop if you’re to go for all meat for your breakfast. To add up your protein requirements, two poached eggs will be served.

For a light-up quicky session, brioche French toast with black coffee is there at the lowest rates. Oh, you’re getting the special Cooper River Farms sausage links here as well, so no need to worry about the items.

Lunch & Sandwiches

A total of 5 items including sandwiches is served for lunch time.

Certified Angus Burger$16-18
Poogan’s Famous Bone-in Fried Chicken$28
Shrimp & Grits$23
Fried Grouper Sandwich$20
Poogan’s Fried Chicken Sandwich$16

Who doesn’t love Angus burgers? At Coogan’s, you’re getting it simply cooked perfectly as per your desire. Add $2 to get bacon in addition.

Chicken items are quite amazing here. The famous bone-in fried chicken and fried chicken sandwich is the speaker. For a perfect brunch, these along with the side items will never keep you unsatisfied.

For the shrimp lovers, there is a shrimp and grits with taso ham gravy. It’s their most expensive sandwich item within the whole range, definitely something to try for.

Don’t forget their fried grouper sandwich. It’s a light meal lunch served with the house’s special ketchup beside a mixture of veggies in the item.

Dinner Entries

Dinner at Poogan’s porch is what the restaurant is mostly famous for. From meetings to date to family gatherings, certainly, the place reaches its mark of appreciation with its menu.

Shrimp & Grits$23
Certified Angus Beef Fillet$48
Sweet tea Glazed Salmon$29
Poogan’s Famous Bone-in Fried Chicken$28
Braised Lamb Shank$38
BBQ Mahi Mahi$34
Daily Fresh Catch$42
Chicken Fried Pork$24

You’ve heard about Angus burgers served during lunchtime. But, the Angus fillet for dinner is what you’ve been missing all the time. The whole beef steak with the sides, oh the taste! Amazing combination.

Taking about steaks, the braised lamb shank is personally most people’s favorite for a blissful dinner night. The meat is roasted and served with gravy veggies; you already must be imagining it.

Going outside, the pork item got its place as BBQ Mahi Mahi. It’s the smoked pork served with pimento cheese and BBQ flavor all above. And about the chicken fried pork chop, just like breakfast, it served.

You can’t simply miss their fish items as well. The sweet tea glazed salmon with potato puree and corn addition is so delicious. As an option, you can have the daily fresh catch with nearly the same additives but asparagus as the main item.


Along with other side items, the restaurant serves salad as a separate menu here.

House Salad$12
Southern Caesar Salad$12
Frisse Salad$13

The house salad consists of casual greens and veggies with boiled eggs and bacon pieces and chopped on it. It’s dressed with honey mustard, vinaigrette, blue cheese, Caesar.

Southern Caeser salad is the traditional salad with parmesan cheese with cornbread croutons. It’s marinated with field peas and Caeser dressed.

The Frisse salad consists of Frisse, roasted beets to top it up, and mixed with bourse cheese. You’ll find tomato vinaigrette and praline pecans along with green veggies.


Lastly, you’re having the desert of your choice from the list. Their chocolate plays are the best in the town for sure.

Seven-layer cake for two$17
Hummingbird Pecan$3
Banana Pudding$10
Apple Cobbler$12

For a lovely date to wrap up, surely you won’t find any other item but the seven-layer cake. It’s for two because the taste can’t be confined to one only. Oh, don’t worry, you can share it with your friends and family, or maybe take the whole for yourself.

Hummingbird pecan is the house’s special vanilla ice cream served on waffles, dressed with caramel sauce.

Oh, don’t forget about the banana pudding. Coming in a jar, you can literally finish an entire talk with just one.

And if you’re a biscuit lover, the apple cobbler is perfect for you. Vanilla ice cream with upholding streusel and bourbon biscuits is served for a perfect end to the meal.

Kid’s Menu (12-years and below)

For the kids, there is a special menu to abide by during meal times along with the adults.  You can avail them during both the lunch and dinner time.

Li’l Down Home$10
French Toast$10
Fried Chicken Tenders$10
Grilled Cheese$10
Buttered Pasta with Parmesan$10

For kids, these items are made comparatively lighter. Like the li’l down-home comes with egg, bacon, hash browns, and casual drinks. The tender friend chickens are usually chicken friends served in pieces with sides.

Cheeseburger, pasta French toast, and grilled cheese are casual go-to items served with friends and drinks.

You can avail of all these for lunch. But for dinner, you won’t be getting the French toast and li’l down home.

Address and Location of Poogan’s Porch

The location of Poogan’s Porch is 72 Queen Street Charleston, SC 29401.

You can contact them at (843) 829-4332.

Opening and Closing Hours

DaysBrunch TimeDinner Time
Sunday9 am – 3 pm4:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Monday9 am – 3 pm4:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Tuesday9 am – 3 pm4:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Wednesday9 am – 3 pm4:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Thursday9 am – 3 pm4:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Friday9 am – 3 pm4:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Saturday9 am – 3 pm4:30 pm – 9:30 pm

1. What time does Poogan’s Porch start and stop serving breakfast?
Poogan Porch starts serving breakfast at 9 am and stops at 3 pm. 

2. What time does Poogan’s Porch start and stop serving lunch?
Poogan Porch starts serving lunch at 9 am and stops at 3 pm. 

3.  What time does Poogan’s Porch start and stop serving dinner?
Poogan Porch starts serving dinner at 4:30 pm and stops at 9:30 pm. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the specialty of Poogan’s Porch?
Poogan’s Porch is special for its super amazing food. The variety it brings for brunch and dinner is amazing.

2. What’s the average food price at Poogan’s for brunch?
The average food price at Poogan’s for brunch is about $30. With $40-$42, you can have a hefty meal at full relaxation.

3. Does Poogan’s Porch take reservations?
Yes, poogan’s porch takes reservations for multiple guests or even for a single person. The standard reservation is for 1-6 people while the premium reservation is for 2-4 people.

4. Are there any vegetarian items in the restaurant?
Yes, there are vegetarian items on the menu but not many. You’ll get them as starters mostly and a few in the breakfast. There aren’t any vegetarian items at lunch and dinner as most of them are meat and fish. Don’t worry, the salads and desserts are suitable for vegetarians to consume without any worrying. 

5. Are there any gluten-free items at Poogan’s Porch?
Yes, there are gluten-free items available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Moreover, you can customize any item from the menu according to your preference. 

Final Words

Poogan’s Porch food menu in 2024 is filled with vast variations and new additions of food items. Even for the kids it has been recently updated and customized. Variations have been superb and quality has been top-notch like always.

And there are always scopes for any customization on your menu. Pretty sure, the ambiance and hospitality of the restaurant won’t need to be discussed as you can experience it by yourself. As for the food, it certainly lives up to its standard, expectations, and price.

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