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Buc-ee’s Menu with Price List and Opening Hours Details

Buc-ee’s is a one-stop destination to cater to your cravings. From breakfast to dinner, you will get every sort of meal here. It doesn’t matter when you come here because Bu-cee is open 24/7! 

Buc-ee’s has an outlet in 7 states and 41 cities! Interesting, right? Gas station food is generally bland but the ones in Buc-ee’s are an exception. 

The breakfast hour at Bu-cee’s starts at 4:00 am and continues up to 11 am. The diversified breakfast menu includes Brisket Egg Taco, Hippo Taco, Gravy  Beast Burrito, Beaver Tail, Rhino Taco, Breakfast Biscuits, Kolache, and whatnot.

Among these, the Brisket Egg Taco is fans’ favorite. The brisket of this dish has a unique smokey flavor as it is smoked for 12 to 14 hours. The hot brisket is tender and flavorful. 

Buc-ee’s all-time available snack is the Beaver Nuggets. It definitely should be on top of your bucket list. The tasty balls are made with flavorsome caramel and corn puffs. For the precise bite size and the blast of sweetness, it can be a good choice of snacks for your road trip.

Buc-ee’s Honey Roasted Peanuts are also famous. The honey-glazed nut is sweet inside and crunchy outside!

However, if you are a candy-lover, you should try out their candies which are always available. Their customized candy section consists of cinnamon bears, taffy, gummy butterflies, sour power strawberries, cherry sours, and so on. 

The jerkies served in Buc-ees like Hill Country Boheimain Garlic Beef Jerky, Sweet and Spicy Beef Jerky, and Hill Country Peppered Beef Jerky can make your mouth watery. 

Their sandwiches come in a lot of variations. For example- Breakfast Sandwiches, Pastrami Reuben, Chopped Brisket sandwiches, BBQ sandwiches, and Signature Club Sandwiches. If you come to their BBQ sandwiches, these are served from 11:30 am to midnight. They also have burgers. 

If you have a sweet tooth, don’t miss out on their dessert section. Their fudge brownies are quite popular. With more than 20 flavors, including Peanut butter, Mint Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Chocolate Pecan, and others, their fudge section is very rich.

You should try out their nug-ees when you visit their store. It’s a must-try item. Nug-ees come in different flavors like Habanero Nug-ees, White Cheddar Nug-ees, Trail Mixes, and so on. 

Other than the mentioned items, Buc-ee has a lot to offer you. The smell of different food items, when you enter Buc-ee’s, will make you instantly hungry!

Buc ee’s Hours Details For Different States

Buc-ee’s never sleeps. It remains open 24 hours, 7 days and 365 days. Their new-day operation begins at 4 am. 

DayOpening HourClosing Hour
Sunday4 am4 am
Monday 4 am4 am
Tuesday4 am4 am
Wednesday 4 am4 am
Thursday 4 am4 am
Friday4 am4 am
Saturday4 am4 am

When does Buc-ee’s breakfast hour begin?

Buc-ee’s breakfast hour starts at 4:00 am. It continues till 10:30 am. At this time, all the specialized breakfast items are available.

When does Buc-ee’s lunch hour begin?

Buc-ee’s lunch hour starts at 11:30 am. 10:30 am to 11:30 am is their transitioning time. Most of the items of this hour like BBQ sandwiches are available throughout the day.

When does Buc-ee’s dinner hour begin?

Buc-ee’s doesn’t have a dinner hour. The menu which is offered during lunch is continued till midnight. That means their lunch and dinner hours are the same.

Buc-ee’s Menu and Services Explained for 2024

buc ee's menu with prices

Buc-ee’s menu is full of appetizing dishes. Go through it to know what to order when you come here!


Breakfast Buritto$3.99Flour Tortilla, your choice of sides like sausages, bacon, potatoes, cheese 
Cinnamon roll $2.99 Cinnamon sugar filling
Kolache$1.99Pastries with cream cheese, sausages, fruits, whipped cream
Varies depending on the types
Biscuits and Gravy $6.49Fresh-baked biscuits with sausage gravy 

The filling in breakfast burritos is extremely generous. In a fluffy tortilla bread, tasty sausages, bacon, and other ingredients are wrapped. The cheese will melt in your mouth as soon as you take a bite. 

Tacos vary depending on their types. For example- Rhino Taco is filled with eggs, jalapenos, sausages, and cheese. Hippo Taco is enriched with bacon, cheese, eggs, and different types of vegetables. 


Beaver Nuggets$6.85Corn puffs in various flavors
Nug-ees$9.98Dry fruits, chocolate, nuts
Candies$7.95Depends on flavor. 

Beaver Nugget is a signature item of Buc-ee. Nuggets are made with corn puffs. The crispy puffs are dipped in caramel and other flavored coating. The nuggets taste sweet and savory at the same time. 

Nug-ees like trail mixes are made using nuts, dry fruits, chocolate, and seeds. These look like chips. Some of these look like popcorn too.  

Buc-ee’s makes their candies. They have 12 different types of gummy bears. Their candies generally have a chewy texture and are flavorful. Starting from Sea Salt flavor to regular caramel, they have everything. 


Beef Jerky$9.99Depends on the flavor
Pork Jerky $9.99Depends on the flavor
Turkey Jerky$9.99 Depends on the flavor 

Jerkies come in lots of varieties. Like original, sweet and spicy, teriyaki, Korean Beef BBQ, Steakhouse, Lemon Peppered, etc. Jerkies are made using different marinating spices and flavors. They have a sweet, savory, or spicy taste. 

Sometimes, they come in two different flavors. 


Items PriceDescription
Fountain Drinks$1.79Coca-cola products
Unsweet Tea$1.99 Freshly made raw tea
Sweet Tea$1.99Sweet tea made fresh 


Brisket Sandwich$6.99Filling made of brisket
Turkey Sandwich$5.99Filling made of turkey
Sausage Sandwich$4.99Filling made of sausages

The BBQ sandwich of Buc-ee’s is their best seller. The slow-cooked meat enriched with smokey flavor is available from 11:30 am to midnight. Signature club sandwiches have turkey, lettuce, cheese, ham, tomato, and bacon. 

Their Pastrami Reuben Sandwiches not only fill your tummy but also your heart. It has Swiss cheese, pastrami, thousand island sauce, sauerkraut, and rye bread. 

Buc-ee’s brisket is already super renowned. Thus, this exponentially increases the taste of the sandwich. 

Buc-ee’s Order Placing Process:

Buc-ee’s doesn’t have an online ordering system. If you want to try out their food, visit their physical outlets. After going there, follow the steps mentioned below!

1. Choose your food:

There are a lot of food items in uncountable flavors. Choose the food item considering how many people you are with and your preferences. 

2. Go to the counter:

After going to the counter, the staff will take your order and let you know the bill. After payment, they will hand you a coupon. However, in a few outlets, there’s a modern system. 

In the given touchpad, you can browse the menu. You can also customize your order. After that, you have to pay electronically. 

3. Pick up your food:

Your token or coupon number will be shown on the display. Then you have to receive it from the counter. 

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People Also Asked

What is the most famous food of Buc-ee?

The most famous food item of Buc-ee’s is their Beaver Nuggets. It’s a must-have snack item. These nuggets are made by dipping crispy and sweet corn puffs into caramel. 

Why doesn’t Buc-ee’s-sell Pepsi?

Buc-ee’s has made an exclusive deal with the Coca-Cola company. Under this agreement, they cannot sell any other beverages apart from Coca-Cola or drinks affiliated with their company. So, Buc-ee doesn’t sell Pepsi. 

Does Buc-ee’s remain open 24 hours?

Buc-ee’s is open 24 hours. However, you won’t be getting all the items all day long. They have separate breakfast hours. Only a few of the items on the menu are available 24/7!

By the way, One of Reddit user mentioned the brisket stand was closed on a Friday night at two different Buc-ee’s locations, implying it’s not always available.

What is the most popular sandwich of Buc-ee?

The brisket sandwich is the most popular sandwich of Buc-ee. The brisket is smoked for more than 10 hours. Afterwards, it is used in sandwiches. When it is served hot, the smokey flavor and tender meat make the sandwich delicious. 

Is the whole menu of Bu-cee available throughout the day?

No, the whole menu of Bu-cee’s is not available throughout the day. The breakfast menu is available from 4 am to 11 am. BBQ sandwiches are available from 11:30 am to midnight 

Does Buc-ee’s have iced coffee?

Yes, Buc-ee’s has iced coffee. The coffees are thick and creamy. These are extremely cheap. The iced coffee at Buc-ee’s is rated as one of the best coffee found at gas stations. 

Does buc ee’s serve brisket all day?

Buc-ee’s is open 24/7 and offers some food items round-the-clock, it seems the brisket and other BBQ are mainly served from late morning through late evening hours, but not all day and night. The fresh brisket availability depends on when new batches are ready.

What items are available at Buc-ee’s 24/7?

The snack items are mostly available at Buc-ee’s the whole day. Beaver nuggets, wraps, fresh hot food, salads, fruit cups, jerky bars, fudge, cold sandwiches, protein packs, and candies are available at Buc-ee’s 24/7.  

Final Words

Buc-ee’s is an underrated food place indeed. You can buy a lot of snack items from here during your road trip. The prices of every item are kept in a pocket-friendly range. 

The menu of Buc-ee’s is diversified. If you want to try out something different yet flavorful, you should visit their outlets. 

The smell, the environment, and the flavors will not only satisfy your hunger but also your heart. 

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