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California Dreaming Menu, Hours and More [Udated in 2024]

A restaurant established across different locations, each uniquely designed to capture the essence of its surroundings—that’s California Dreaming. The vibe might be different, but one thing stays the same—the quality and flavor of their food.

Although they have six branches, we’ll focus on the one in Charleston, which offers a coastal breeze alongside satiating dishes.

Step into the restaurant and you’ll find the interior beautiful especially with brick walls, chain railings and some nice woodwork. It’s quite spacious and has large windows throughout so you can enjoy the scenic view of Ashley River and relish their food.  

When it comes to dishes, California Dreaming Menu has a bunch of options that can impress you.

You’ll get appetizing items like She Crab Soup and Baked Potato Soup from the appetizer. There are fulfilling meals like Steaks, Blackened Chicken Pasta, Seafood Pasta, Steak Burger and Crab cakes for the main course. They also have pleasant desserts like Chocolate Brownie and Apple Walnut Cobbler as well as refreshing Mojito-inspired drinks to quench your thirst.

Basically, California Dreaming is for anyone who relishes seafood, beef and chicken as the items made with these ingredients are quite popular.

The Charleston branch of California Dreaming mostly offers late lunch, evening and dinner meals. So, they start serving at 4pm to 9pm on Monday through Thursday, 4pm to 10pm on Friday, 12pm to 10pm on Saturday and 12pm to 9pm on Sunday.

California Dreaming Charleston Menu with Prices

California Dreaming Menu with Prices

You’ll find multiple items in California Dreaming menu that deserve a shoutout. Let’s check them out. 


California Dreaming has appetizers full of crustaceans like shrimps and crabs although there are some other seafood and non-seafood options- all between $7 and $18.

STEAMED PEEL & EAT SHRIMP (1/2lb and 1lb)$11.95 – $18.95

She Crab Soup is said to be the local favorite made with full of crabmeats. The texture is rich and creamy enough to keep you occupied.

Want something crispy? Go with their fried blue crab claw which not only gives a nice crisp sound but tastes bussin’ especially with the spicy cocktail sauce.  

Their Steamed Peel & Eat Shrimp is super tender and fresh so you get the most flavor out of all the high-quality, pink shrimp pieces. Since it’s available in half-pound and one-pound options with different prices, you can have it as app or evening snack.

Another version of this is the Garlic Shrimp, which has a soft buttery flavor blended with lemon, chili flake, and Romano cheese to bring it a zesty kick.

The Seafood Nachos happen to be a crowd-pleaser. You’ll get fresh chips topped with baked spicy shrimp and salmon, dill, capers, and red onions smothered in a mix of cheese sauce and lobster cream sauce, which makes them more mouthwatering.

Also try out the Oysters Rockefeller made with a rich sauce of butter, spinach, Romano cheese, meat pieces, breadcrumbs and different green herbs to intensify the flavor of oysters.  

The Calamari is lightly breaded and served with marinara to relish the crunch with something tart-like.  

Don’t want a seafood app? California Dreaming has Nashville Hot Wings that are marinated in hot pepper sauce for a touch of heat and then fried to ‘crisperfection’. 

Their Baked Potato Soup is another star dish. It has the right creaminess and is topped with scallions, cheese, and meat to melt your heart.


California Dreaming aims to bring you a bunch of chicken meals with a bit of seafood options between $16 and $26 for the entrees.


Enjoy the breeze coming from Ashley River with one of their star dishes The Ashley. It combines moist chicken breast broiled to perfection with tender blackened shrimp- the mix served with lobster cream sauce. 

There’s another local favorite called Blackened Chicken Pasta that comes in Alfredo sauce, scallions and tomatoes- a gravy creating a different kind of creamy-tangy flavor. 

The Chicken Tenders Platter guarantees a delightful crispy experience through their fried chicken tenderloins. It’s paired with honey BBQ sauce and golden French fries which ensure equal crispiness. 

For seafood lovers, California Dreaming’s Roasted Salmon is a must. The salmon’s buttery flavor is amazing, and it comes encrusted with rosemary and thyme. The dish also includes creamy mashed potatoes and fresh seasonal veggies. 

The Shrimp Tacos promise to give you a spicy kick with the right balance of shrimp and a blend of jicama slaw, pickled red onions, chipotle aioli, cilantro and queso fresco that work to make it more delish. 

Low Country Favorites

To fill up your heart and stomach, California Dreaming features some mouthwatering seafood meals between $23 and $36 which have made them Low Country Favorites. 


The Firecracker Tuna has a separate fan base all because of the tenderness of the fish which becomes more delicious with Thai glaze on top. It comes with mashed potatoes and seasonal veggies.

You’ll get similar sides with Crab Cakes, a hit item of California Dreaming made with jumbo lumps. It has got some sweet and creamy notes to make you relish the dish big time with the zesty mustard sauce.

If you like surprises, the Featured Fish can be a good pick. Depending on the fish they’re featuring that day, they mostly serve cod, blackened tilapia, sablefish, tuna, or swordfish. No matter which fish you choose, you’ll love its moistness and flavor.

Charleston Seafood Pasta is a super popular item among Southerners. It’s prepared with sautéed shrimp and mussels swimming in garlic cream sauce and Romano cheese, which help make the dish cheesier. Since they add white wine to the pasta, you can tell the waiter to avoid it if you don’t want it.

Their Shrimp + Grits dish is simply a traditional Southern comfort prepped with jumbo shrimp and andouille sausage over Adluh Mills grits. You’re going to love how cheesy and buttery the meal is.

Fried Seafood Platters

Want something crunchy? Try out the Fried Seafood Platters from California Dreaming menu coming with French fries for around $20 to $28.  

All Three$27.95

There’s a tempting selection of shrimp, oysters or flounder which is perfect for anyone who has any favorites.

The fried Shrimp carries a light sweetness yet savory flavor and you’ll love how tender the flesh is.

Their fried Flounder has a delicate ocean-like taste. It’s slightly flaky but the mild buttery notes of the fish can keep you occupied.

The fried Oysters have a super-rich flavor, with mineral notes. You’ll also relish the plump interior.

In case anyone wants it all, they have the All Three Platter, which combines shrimp, oysters, and flounder so you can enjoy the taste of each kind. Although the portions of each won’t be similar, they’ll be fulfilling when combined. 

Steaks and Ribs

California Dreaming menu also has a bunch of STEAKS and RIBS options for the meat enthusiasts with a price ranging from $22 to $38. 

PRIME RIB Not Mentioned
SURF + TURF$34.95
BABY BACK RIBS (One Rack)$22.95
BABY BACK RIBS (Two Racks)$31.95

Their highlighted item, Prime Rib is a 10-ounce cut prepped through slow cooking process. There will be lots of marbling enhanced with rich and buttery flavors promising to melt in your mouth. Sadly, it’s available on Saturday and Sunday only after 4pm.

You’ll love the beefy-garlicy notes coming out of New York Strip, a 14-ounce center cut made with garlic butter.

The Surf + Turf involves a 10-ounce ribeye and grilled garlic shrimp on top, giving you a distinct combination of land and sea on a plate. 

If you just want to relish the beef’s fat content, their 14-ounce ribeye is perfect. Although the meat has its own buttery notes, the flavor intensifies when combined with Cajun butter.

Filet Mignon is an 8-ounce barrel cut enticing you with its beefy and juicy meat. It also has a slightly sweet hint that gives it a different but delectable essence.

Are you in the mood for something unique? Go with the Marinated Sirloin of California Dreaming—a 10-ounce cut marinated in fruit juices, garlic, soy sauce, and spices. It will give you a burst of beefy, savory, buttery, sweet flavors.  

They also have Baby Back Ribs available in one or two racks. These Danish ribs are grilled to perfection with a charred exterior. The meat is drizzled with BBQ sauce, bringing out its tangy zest.

No matter what item you pick from this list, the steak will come with a house or Caesar salad and a side item so you get a complete dish. You can add $7.95 and get broiled or fried shrimp with any steak.

Sandwiches and Burgers

No matter whether you consider it a starter or main meal, the Sandwiches and Burgers of California Dreaming menu can for sure end your hunger with a smile. 

NEW ORLEANS PO’BOY – Fried Shrimp$16.95
NEW ORLEANS PO’BOY – Fried Oysters$18.95

Anyone who’s into spice will love the Spicy Chicken Sandwich as it’s made with crispy fried chicken. The chicken comes blended with American cheese, jicama slaw and chipotle mayo giving your sandwich a cheesy-zesty kick.

The New Orleans Po’Boy series will give you appetizing sandwiches prepared with either fried shrimp or oysters. Although the fillings of Po’Boy will be same as it includes lettuce, tomato and tartar sauce, the distinct flavor of each fish makes it different.

Steak Burger happens to be the most popular California Dreaming among locals. It consists of a 10-ounce patty paired with shredded lettuce, pickles, red onion, tomato, cheddar cheese, and a unique sauce. 

Want a taste of the ocean? The Blackened Mahi Sandwich is well-combined with lemon, arugula, ripe tomato, curry mayonnaise, and homemade pickles, making the flavors bold yet tasty. 

Kids Menu

California Dreaming has delectable dishes for the kids as well which are served with fries and beverages costing around $6.


The Chicken Strips are going to be crispy delight giving them a tender chicken.

Cheeseburger is one of their most popular dishes that has this juicy patty topped with melted cheese.

The Fried Shrimp is prepped with crunchy coating with the plump shrimp inside.

Their Chicken Wings come with super soft chicken giving the kids finger-licking experience.

The Grilled Cheese looks simple but it can be a delightful pick for the littles.

California Dreaming’s Fettuccine Alfredo is the teen’s favorites that tastes super creamy as it’s made with a combo of fettuccine pasta and Alfredo sauce. 

Salads and Sides

You’ll find some good options to have as standalone or side dishes in California Dreaming menu. Their Salads cost between $14 and $19 whereas the sides come for around $6. 

Roasted Salmon$18.95
Roasted Chicken$16.95
CAESAR Chicken or Fried Shrimp$15.95
CAESAR Fried Oysters$17.95

The California Dreaming Salad has fresh greens, turkey, cheddar, Monterey Jack cheeses, egg, tomatoes and almonds combined well with the house dressing to enrich the taste. The Salad includes bacon and ham too but you can request their staff to skip them if you don’t want them.

There’s Roasted Salmon or Chicken Salad prepared with fresh veggies, an egg, avocado, and tomatoes blended in balsamic vinaigrette. Even though the ingredients are similar, the presence of Salmon or Chicken will make it different, giving you a pleasant combo of protein, vitamins, and potassium.

They also have Caesar Salad, which comes with either Chicken or fried shrimp and includes crisp romaine, grated Romano cheese, and croutons. The Salad can make you relish the freshness of greens, cheesiness of cheese, and umami notes of Chicken or Shrimp. 

Let’s talk about Sides now. California Dreaming has a bunch of side dishes to complement your main. You can have the crunch from golden French fries or something healthy with Seasonal Veggie.

They also have Mashed Potatoes that ensure a nice buttery velvety paste, Baked Potatoes that impress with their mild sweetness and briny hints, and Creamy Coleslaw that ensures a refreshing crunch. 


Give a sweet end to your meal with the Desserts from California Dreaming menu priced between $7 and $10. 


Their Chocolate Brownie is a star dish coming with a Hershey bar melted on top and served with ice cream. 

Anyone who’s into comforting classics should try Apple Walnut Cobbler which has the perfect sweetness of baked apples and crunch of walnuts. And it’s going to be huge!

The Croissant Bread Pudding is a delightful dessert that transforms the buttery croissant into a succulent bread pudding. 

Want something extremely creamy and velvety? Then try their Cheesecake coming in a big slice. 


You’ll get two options for the non-alcoholic beverages at California Dreaming that cost $9.95. 


The Coconut Faux-Jito can be a tropical delight. It blends Seedlip Spice 94, Coco Lopez, pineapple, lime and mint which give it a nice balance of sweet coconut, zesty lime and refreshing mint.

The pineapple Spritz is a fruity-fizzy drink prepped with Seedlip Grove 42, pineapple, lime, grenadine, and cherry. You’ll love the citrusy punch of pineapple and lime and the sweetness of grenadine and cherry. 

What Are The Most Popular Food Items In California Dreaming Restaurant?

The most popular food items in California Dreaming Restaurant are all the dishes that have Crab, Shrimp, Chicken and Beef as main ingredients. Some of them include:

  1. She Crab Soup
  2. Prime Rib
  3. Charleston Seafood Pasta
  4. Blackened Chicken Pasta
  5. Baked Potato Soup
  6. Fried Seafood Platters
  7. Shrimp Tacos
  8. Ribeye
  9. Filet Mignon
  10. Marinated Sirloin
  11. Steak Burger
  12. The Ashley
  13. Crab cakes 

California Dreaming Restaurant Operational Hours For Different Locations

California Dreaming has six branches located in Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, Surfside Beach of South Carolina; Georgia’s Augusta and Alabama’s Spanish Fort which mostly serves lunch and dinner from 11am to 9pm on Sunday to Thursday and till 10pm on Friday and Saturday.

However, California Dreaming Charleston branch has no breakfast hours and usually serves lunch, evening and dinner meals from 4pm to 9pm on Monday through Thursday, 4pm to 10pm on Friday, 12pm to 10pm on Saturday and 12pm to 9pm on Sunday. 

Opening and Closing Hours

LocationAddressPhoneDaysOpening Hours
Charleston1 Ashley Point DrCharleston, SC 29407843.766.1644Mon-Thu4pm – 9pm
Fri4pm – 10pm
Sat12pm – 10pm
Sun12pm – 9pm
Columbia401 South Main St.Columbia, SC 29201803.254.6767Sun-Thu11am – 9pm
Fri and Sat11am – 10pm
Greenville40 Beacon Dr.Greenville, SC 29615864.234.9000Sun-Thu11am – 9pm
Fri and Sat11am – 10pm
Surfside Beach2657 Beaver Run BlvdSurfside Beach, SC 29575843.215.5255Sun-Thu11am – 9pm
Fri and Sat11am – 10pm
Georgia Augusta3241 Washington Rd.Augusta, GA 30907706.860.6206Sun-Thu11am – 9pm
Fri and Sat11am – 10pm
Alabama Spanish Fort30500 State Hwy 181Spanish Fort, AL 36527251.626.9942Sun-Thu11am – 9pm
Fri and Sat11am – 10pm

What time does California Dreaming start and stop serving breakfast?

California Dreaming starts serving breakfast at 11am and stops at 2pm in Columbia, Greenville, Surfside, Augusta and Spanish Fort branches.

What time does California Dreaming start and stop serving Lunch?

California Dreaming starts serving lunch at 11am and stops at 5pm in Columbia, Greenville, Surfside, Augusta and Spanish Fort branches and it’s 4pm to 5pm on Monday to Friday and 12pm to 5pm on Saturday to Sunday in Charleston.

What time does California Dreaming start and stop serving Dinner?

California Dreaming starts serving dinner at 4pm and stops at 9pm on Sunday to Thursday and till 10pm on Friday and Saturday in all branches. 

California Dreaming Restaurant Order Placing Process

Getting your favorite food at California Dreaming is downright easy. You can order right there for dining in or takeaway or hop onto their website to do it online for pickup. In addition to ordering, you can also make reservations remotely. Just note that they don’t have delivery services.


Ideal for those who want to sit down and enjoy the food with their loved ones in a different atmosphere. In case you’re into classy interior and loud music, California Dreaming is the right place for you. Their staff are quite friendly and attentive.


Let’s say, you don’t have time to eat food on the premises, then California Dreaming has takeout and pickup services as well for your convenience. The good news is you can visit the site to order food online but you do have to drive to their pickup spot.

Reservations and Contact Details

California Dreaming takes reservations online through their website and phone call which is not only easy but also convenient.


Phone: 843.766.1644

Frequently Asked Questions

Does California Dreaming Have Gluten-Free Items?

Yes, California Dreaming has a separate gluten-free menu which has some good options like ribs and fried chicken wings to try. You can also request the chef to make your dish gluten-free.

Does California Dreaming Have Vegetarian Options?

Yes, California Dreaming has a few Vegetarian options like Caesar salad or vegan burger. However, most of the items have to be customized to make them vegetarian.

Does California Dreaming Have A Kids Menu?

Yes, California Dreaming has a Kids Menu that includes some great options like Cheeseburger, Fettuccine Alfredo and Chicken Wings.

Are Reservations Required At California Dreaming?

No, reservations aren’t required at California Dreaming if you’re visiting on weekdays but it’s better to make one for weekends just to be on the safe side.

Does California Dreaming Provide Special Items On Special Occasions?

No, California Dreaming doesn’t provide special items on special occasions.

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