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Church And Union Menu (Brunch,Lunch,Dinner) For 2024

Take a trip to the creative interior design, succulent dishes and warm hospitality- everything that comes in a package of Church and Union. Renowned for its playful approach to Modern American cuisine, the restaurant guarantees a casual yet refined dining experience.

When it comes to Church and Union Menu, you’re going to run into a list of dishes that aren’t just mouthwatering but fresh as well. They have Breakfast Skillet, Southern Breakfast, Huevos Rancheros and Breakfast Sandwich to help you start your day with eggs taking the center stage alongside jumbo portions of beef, pork, chicken or simply veggies.

Between morning and noon, there are Burgers, Prosciutto and Burrata or Taco Rice- boasting a unique blend of savory and umami flavors.

For lunch, the restaurant has a different kind of Burgers and Sandwiches to fill up your stomach with meaty beasts as well as a variety of Salads prepped with fresh greens for the vegans.

As the night falls, they invite you to dive into star dishes like NOLA Shrimp, Braided Ravioli, Maryland Crab Cake and Seared Scallops so you get to enjoy a delectable mix of bold and savory essence.

Church and Union also have some commons that happen to be their hit items such as Chef Jamie’s Lamb Burger, Moroccan Meatballs and CU Poke Bowl that impress you with their distinct taste.

In short, the restaurant ensures a satisfying experience through their dishes, décor and delightful hospitality.

Church and Union Menu with Prices Explained

Church And Union in Charleston Menu

Church and Union has tailored their Charleston menu with a variety of items- each impressing you with its distinct flavor. Not only do they make sure the foods taste delish but also fresh enough to keep you all hooked.

Note that this menu is offered in their Charleston branch and can differ from other outlets.

That said, here’s a list of almost all the meals that Church and Union possess to let you dive into. 

Brunch Menu

Church and Union welcome their customers with both classic comfort dishes and hearty creations for the brunch.

Sausage Gravy & Biscuit$11
Avocado Toast$11
Breakfast Sandwich$16
Breakfast Skillet$18
Southern Breakfast$17
Fried Chicken Sandwich$16
Praline French Toast$16
Huevos Rancheros$19
Holy $H*T Breakfast$30
Southern Salad (w/ Shrimp Or Chicken)$16 (+$13 or +$11)
Prosciutto And Burrata$21
Prime Burger$18
Chef Jamie’s Lamb Burger$22
Taco Rice$25

The breakfast menu includes a variety of items ranging from savory to sweet- with cost between $11 and $30.

Church and Union has reasonable items like Sausage Gravy & Biscuit and Avocado Toast for just $11. These are catered to those looking for something light but fulfilling.

Breakfast Skillet has sausage gravy, cheddar and over easy egg. Then there’s Southern Breakfast which gives you two eggs and some bacon with home fries and muffins.

Praline French Toast satisfies sweet cravings with candied pecans, bourbon caramel and fresh berries.

At $19, you get Huevos Rancheros, an appetizing dish made with scrambled eggs, chorizo, salsa verde and flour tortillas and served with fries.

They also have Breakfast Sandwich priced at $16 that’s filled with maple sage sausage, fried egg, cheese and BC croissant. Fried Chicken Sandwich tastes better as it has succulent chicken pieces combining Alabama white sauce, ranch pickles and lettuce.

For those with a hearty appetite, the Holy $H*T Breakfast is an indulgent option featuring fried chicken, scrambled eggs, bacon, donuts, biscuits, and a choice of either a mimosa or a bloody mary, offering an all-around brunch experience at $30.

Church and Union’s Southern Salad is full of fresh fruits and veggies. It has avocado, tomato, corn, pickled red onion, cornbread croutons, cotija and a creamy poblano dressing, providing satiating choice. Include shrimp or chicken at an extra cost and you get to enjoy additional protein.

Prosciutto and Burrata dish gives a sophisticated twist to traditional brunch fare with blackberry, crispy shallot, arugula, bottarga and lemon.

Let’s say you’re up late with stomach growling, try out their burgers. Church and Union offers two burgers for the brunch at $18 and $22 with home fries. The Prime Burger is classic, having moist bacon, white American cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion- all covered in a brioche bun. Chef Jamie’s Lamb Burger being pretty much everyone’s favorite, is prepared with juicy mutton, red onion marmalade, gorgonzola fondue, arugula and secret sauce.

The Taco Rice dish is a fusion delight- combining beef, salsa, avocado, cheddar, lettuce, furikake and egg, giving you a burst of flavors for $25.

Lunch Menu

You get a diverse range of culinary influences for the lunch with a delightful selection of flavorful meals. Here’s the list:

Southern Pimento Cheese$9
Prosciutto And Burrata$21
Moroccan Meatballs$19
CU Poke Bowl$33
Fried Chicken Sandwich$16
Steak Sandwich$17
House Burger$17
Chef Jamie’s Lamb Burger$22
Taco Rice$25
Truffle Caesar$19
Southern Salad$16 (+$13 or +$11)

Southern Pimento Cheese is their savory starter for the lunch which sets the tone for the gastronomic journey ahead. It’s served with lavash chips and peppadew peppers.

In case you have a penchant for indulgence, they have Prosciutto and Burrata dish for the lunch as well.

You can also try Moroccan Meatballs for the lunch or midday meal. The dish provides an enticing fusion of Mediterranean-inspired ingredients. They come with Moroccan BBQ sauce, whipped feta cheese, marinated cucumber and gremolata.

The culinary adventure continues with the CU Poke Bowl made with Ahi tuna, sushi rice and a zesty spicy aioli. It’s for those seafood enthusiasts who want a refreshing and vibrant option.

On the heartier side, you can consider Fried Chicken Sandwich for $16 or add $1 more to enjoy Steak Sandwich. Their Steak Sandwich promises a savory and delish meal with horseradish crema, American cheese and grilled onion.

The burger offerings are diverse ranging from the classic House Burger with heirloom tomato, pickle and American cheese to the bolder Chef Jamie’s Lamb Burger that has a burst of flavors in its mutton.

If someone is craving a unique twist of Mexican and Japanese flavors, the Taco Rice will be perfect.

Truffle Caesar salad will be ideal for those wanting a healthy but tasty dish. It’s made with baby gem, pecorino, croutons and fresh black truffle to infuse an earthy, woodsy flavor. Or you can try the classic Southern Salad that they have for lunch and midday meal as well.

Dinner Menu

Church and Union offers a vast choice of flavorful meals to make sure you get an elevated dining experience.

Oysters On The Half Shell$20-$38
CU Tower$115
F***** O**** Agnolotti$18
Butcher Slate$27
Beef Tartare$22
Nola Shrimp$19
Braised Bacon & Melon$16
Pei Mussels$22
Moroccan Meatballs$19
Truffle Caesar$19
Prosciutto And Burrata$21
Handmade Braided Ravioli (W/  Italian Sausage Or Chicken)$28 (+$6)
60 South Salmon$29
Chef Jamie’s Lamb Burger$22
Fried Chicken$30
Taco Rice$25
CU Poke Bowl$33
Maryland Crab Cake$34
Seared Scallops$45
Lamb Ossobucco$44
The Butcher’s Filet$45
1855 NY Strip$51
Filet Mignon$59
Prime Cowboy Ribeye For Two$150

Their first course includes dishes focusing on meat, chicken and seafood.

The F***** O**** Agnolotti is a light meal priced at $18 yet prepped with a unique blend of flavors featuring allium crunch and gruyere.

In case someone wishes to have an extravagant seafood platter, then try their CU Tower for $115. It has a rich combo of oysters, shrimp, Maine lobster and seafood salads.

You can also enjoy the zesty, briny taste of Oysters on the half-shell with a squeeze of lemon. A good thing is that this meal gives a convenient choice between different price points.

Their Nola Shrimp is quite the people’s favorite because of its delectable flavor. Priced at $19, it comes with garlic, Worcestershire and brioche that enhances the taste.

Among the meaty options, the Butcher Slate introduces a mouthwatering assortment of artisan cured meats for $27.

The Beef Tartare takes a step ahead with a fusion of international essences that come from Thai curry and pickled mustard seed. There will be crispy wonton to make it tastier.

Anyone who likes something spice can choose Braised Bacon & Melon that’s crafted with wasabi aioli, pickled jalapeños, danknagi and allium ash.

The Pei Mussels is cooked in andouille sausage, roasted red pepper and smoked cream, giving you a harmonious blend of the ingredients. It’s also available as midday meal.

They also have common like Truffle Caeser, Southern Salad, Prosciutto and Burrata and Moroccan Meatballs for the dinner.

Church and Union’s main course has multiple dishes made to content your stomach.

For pasta enthusiasts, the Braided Ravioli is prepared with tasty fillings for just $28 and served with garlic tomato sauce, capers and parmesan. You also get a choice of Italian Sausage and Chicken by adding some extra bucks.

The 60 South Salmon costs $29 but the meal is worth the price. The fish is moist and soft and tastes better when combined with coconut pirlou, tomato ginger emulsion and crispy rice furikake.

There are meals like Chef Jamie’s Lamb Burger, Fried Chicken and Taco Rice which come as main course options with diverse culinary influences from Southern comfort to international fusions.

The taste of Maryland Crab Cake is enhanced with root vegetable ribbons, blood orange beurre blanc and crispy potato for $34.

You’ll also love the briny and sweet flavor of Seared Scallops that come with sweet potato purée and pancetta onion marmalade.

The Lamb Ossobucco has a savory and rich meaty taste from the broth and the veal pieces. Priced at $44, it comes with goat cheese and truffle grits.

Church and Union also offers a variety of dishes that are perfect for meat connoisseurs. You have The Butcher’s Filet, 1855 NY Strip, Filet Mignon and the extravagant Prime Cowboy Ribeye. All of them emphasize quality cuts and distinct taste.


The sides of Church and Union complement their mains with a delightful selection of dishes.

ItemsPriceAvailable for
Maple Sage Sausage$8Brunch
Thick Cut Bacon$7Brunch
Anson Mills Grits$5Brunch
Home Fries$5Brunch
Seasonal Fruit$10Brunch
Side Southern Salad$8Lunch
Hand-Cut French Fries$11Lunch
Crushed Yukon Potatoes$11Dinner
Brussels Sprouts$14Dinner
Hand-Cut French Fries$11Dinner
Glazed Broccoli$14Dinner
Baked Mac & Cheese$16Dinner, Midday

For brunch, they have the sweet and savory blend of Maple Sage Sausage, the meatiness of Thick Cut Bacon, Anson Mills Grits with essence of sweet corn, Home Fries offering a pleasant crispiness and the refreshing sweetness of Seasonal Fruit- all between $5 and $10.

Transitioning into lunch, they have two sides that cost around $8 to $11. The Side Southern Salad has a fresh and zesty touch while the Hand-Cut French Fries help elevate the midday meal with their golden crunch.

As the day turns dark, their dinner menu unveils a number of amazing sides with the price ranging between $11 and $16.

The Crushed Yukon Potatoes comes infused with shallots, fines herbes and olive oil to give you a delectable twist to the classic potato dish.

The Brussels Sprouts are adorned with bacon lardon, Sherry caramelized onions and aged cheddar whereas the Glazed Broccoli features chili flakes and beurre monté- both of them present you a distinct blend of fresh veggies.

In case you want something cheesy, try their Baked Mac & Cheese that’s made with Taleggio, Fontina, chili and a Parmesan crust. It’s also available for the midday.

You can also add Hand-Cut French Fries to the dinner dishes that are served with malt vinegar and BBQ aioli.


Indulge your sweet tooth with their delightful dessert menu that has some unique items to offer.

Milk And Cookies Mousse$13
Dulce De Leche Cheesecake$12
White Chocolate And Chai Tiramisu$12
Chef Selection Ice Cream & Sorbet$7

Church and Union’s dessert items, priced between $7 and $13 tend to go beyond the ordinary.  

Their Milk and Cookies Mousse has a pleasant blend of brown butter, sea salt crumble, chocolate sponge cake and marble sable cookie. Try the Dulce De Leche Cheesecake with a graham cracker crust and salted caramel anglaise for a classic treat.

You may discover a modern twist with the White Chocolate and Chai Tiramisu. It features white chocolate mascarpone mousse, chai-soaked ladyfingers and chai crumble that help enhance the flavor.

You can also end your meal on a sweet note with Ice Cream & Sorbet or Gelato. Both of them will have seasonal ingredients to give you a refreshing taste of the season.


Their drinks let you explore a spectrum of flavors.

Fresh-Squeezed OJ$5
CU Specialty Blend Coffee$5
Hot Tea$5
Mimosa$5- $6
Bloody Mary$10
High Wire$14
Palmetto Punch$15
The Redeemer$15
Ready Orgeat$13
Blueberry Muffin Martini$18
Espresso Martini$18

With their Beverages, you can embark on a sensory journey where each sip tends to tell a story of flavor and complexity.

Kickstart your day with the zing of Fresh-Squeezed OJ. You get a burst of citrusy goodness grabbing the essence of sun-kissed oranges.

They also have caffeine drinks like CU Specialty Blend Coffee and Espresso that have a bold, rich flavor to activate your mind. For people who love something creamy, then they have Cappuccino and Latte. In case you’re more of a tea person, then there’s Hot Tea for you to find solace in.

As the day progresses, Church and Union transitions to afternoon delights with refreshing Mimosa and Bloody Mary. Mimosa is all about a sparkling blend of freshly squeezed orange juice and champagne whereas Bloody Mary has a tangy note enhanced with tomato juice, spices and vodka.

The High Wire intrigues you with its Hat Trick botanical gin, Giffard passionfruit and lime- all complemented with basil undertones.

Then there’s Smokeshow that lets you embrace its smoky richness with bourbon blend, smoked applewood, rosemary and ginger beer.

With Palmetto Punch, you get to enjoy a tropical escape through a fresh combo of coconut rum, lime, ginger, blackberry liqueur and pineapple.

The Redeemer raises the bar of classic gin with lemon, raspberry jam, wildflower honey simple and a hint of rose water.

You can also engage your taste-buds with the spicy kick of Ghost- a tequila concoction with orange liqueur, cucumber water, lime and cayenne pepper.

The Ready Orgeat is a vodka delight coming with orgeat, lemon, fresh strawberries, cucumber and mint which helps refresh your mind.

They also have two dessert-inspired beverages that take you to a different world. The Blueberry Muffin Martini comes with bourbon, blueberry, brown sugar, cinnamon, cream and a touch of milk crumble whereas the Espresso Martini features a velvety fusion of coffee and spirits. 

What Are The Most Popular Food Items In Church And Union Restaurants?

Chef Jamie’s Lamb Burger is one the most popular items at Church and Union. Priced at $22, the buns have rich fillings that include the juicy lamb patty, red onion marmalade, gorgonzola fondue, arugula and a secret sauce. It’s the patty that brings a distinctive taste to the burger. The best part is that it’s available for whole day, be it breakfast, lunch, midday or dinner.

The CU Poke Bowl is another dish available for lunch and dinner which gives you a pleasant combo of ahi tuna, sushi rice and spicy aioli for just $33. You’ll love the meatiness of tuna enhanced with the heat of spice.

Their Moroccan Meatballs are almost everyone’s favorite. You get the moist balls blended in Moroccan BBQ sauce, whipped feta cheese, marinated cucumber and gremolata to provide a distinct tangy kick. The dish costs $19 and available for lunch, supper and dinner.

The Avocado Toast is a comfortable and reasonable brunch item that most people love. This dish costs $11 and is made with ripe avocado on toast. It looks simple yet gives you a blend of creamy avocado and crunchy toast.

Their Nola Shrimp is pretty popular dinner dish that has enticed the customers with its mouthwatering shrimps that come with garlic and Worcestershire while capturing the hint of New Orleans cuisine.

The Braided Ravioli impresses pasta lovers with the richness of the sauce that complements its savory fillings. The dish costs $28 and served for dinner.

You’ll also love their Maryland Crab Cake which is a hit dinner item for just $34. It gives you a burst of coastal flavors through the root vegetable ribbons and blood orange beurre blanc.

Seared Scallops would be another popular Church and Union dinner dish that has sweet potato purée, pancetta onion marmalade, Marcona almond and prosciutto. It presents a balance of sweet and savory notes with the delicate texture of the flesh. Priced at $45, it can be a perfect meal for dinner.

Church and Union Operational Hours For Different Location

There are three branches of Church and Union located throughout the eastern and southeastern regions of the United States with each having different operating hours.

Opening and Closing Hours

32b North Market Street, Charleston, SC 29401 (843) 937-8666BrunchSat & Sun9am – 3:30pm
LunchMon-Fri10am – 3:30pm
MiddayDaily3:30pm – 5pm
DinnerDailyStarts at 5pm
201 4th Ave. N., Suite 101, Nashville, TN 37219 (615) 864-0977Brunch Fri-Sat10am – 3pm
Dinner DailyStarts at 5pm
127 N Tryon Street, Suite 8, Charlotte, NC 28202 (704) 919-1322BrunchFriday10:30am – 3:30pm 
Sat & Sun10am – 4pm
DinnerDailyStarts at 5pm

What time does Church and Union start and stop serving Breakfast?

Church and Union starts serving brunch at 9am and stops at 10am in Charleston, 10am to 3pm in Nashville and 10:30am to 3:30pm in Charlotte.

What time does Church and Union start and stop serving Lunch?

Church and Union starts serving lunch at 10am and stops at 3:30pm in Charleston.

What time does Church and Union start and stop serving Midday?

Church and Union starts serving midday meals at 3:30pm and stops at 5pm in Charleston.

What time does Church and Union start and stop serving Dinner?

Church and Union starts serving dinner at 5pm in all the locations.

Church and Union Restaurant Order Placing Process

Church and Union is all about relishing delish meals in person. Unfortunately, they neither have an app nor do they do online deliveries. In case you want to get your stuff to go, you have to visit the place in person. 

But the good thing is the restaurant lets you make reservations through a phone call, email or website

So, no app needed.

In short, C&U gives you the privilege of-

Dine In

You can order meals from the restaurant physically. The interior of each branch is decorated beautifully with bright chandeliers, glass bottles displayed all the way to the ceiling on shelves and high peaked beam ceiling that’s covered with quotes from The Art of War. Because they are located around the eastern and southeastern sides of the US, check the website to know which one is closest to you.

Use Order-To-Go

For those who are busy or just want to relish foods at home, there’s a takeout option that they offer. All you have to do is- visit the nearest spot, order in person and wait. Your food will be ready for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Church and Union Have Gluten-Free Items?

Yes, Church and Union have lots of gluten-free items such as their Poke Bowl, Beef Tartare, Butcher Slate, House Burgers, Taco Rice, Seared Scallops, NOLA Shrimp and Pei Mussels.

Does Church and Union Have Vegetarian Options?

Yes, Church and Union have a couple of vegetarian options like the Truffle Caesar, Southern Salad, Avocado Toast and Baked Mac & Cheese.

Does Church and Union Have A Kids Menu?

No, Church and Union doesn’t have a separate kids menu but they have foods like cheeseburger, chicken tenders and grilled cheese for the kids.

Can You Order From The Lunch Menu At Dinner Time?

Yes, you can order from the lunch menu at dinner time only if the items are offered for both lunch and dinner time such as Chef Jamie’s Lamb Burger, CU Poke Bowl and Moroccan Meatballs. Except for these, you can’t order dishes outside the allocated meal time.

Do Church and Union Take Reservations?

Yes, Church and Union take reservations through a phone call, email and website for small groups and big groups. However, provide this facility for groups having more than 12 people.  

Final Words

Church and Union not only amaze people with their dishes but also with their history, interior and friendliness. Even though it turned into a restaurant from church, the ambiance gives you good vibes. This is one of the reasons why it’s so popular among people in southeastern and eastern regions of the US.

So, if you want some good food with good people around, try them out. Explore Church and Union Menu that’s rich in flavors, freshness and fragrances. BTW, in case you have a military background, don’t miss out on the special 25% discount- a very thoughtful gesture from CU. 

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