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Indaco Charleston Menu [Brunch, Dinner and Happy Hour]

A rustic Italian restaurant the Indaco, has its branch in Charleston. The environment, ambiance, flavor, everything feels like Italian over there. And there awaits the food, that is the main circle of attention of the place.

So, what does the Indaco Charleson menu bring in? The menu has a vast number of foods for your dinner. Besides, the restaurant serves brunch only on Saturday and Sunday, a perfect offering to light up your weekends.

Generally, the brunch menu is filled with starters, pizza, brunch items, and extras. The Italian restaurant didn’t fail to bring in fine veggie items to kick off your day’s meal. It ensures that you get proper protein from eggs and kinds of bacon.

As for the pizza, you’ll get all the Italian-flavored ones here. As for the weekend, there is a breakfast pie, which is the best and most unique one. Do try it out, because you won’t be getting it every day.

The brunch and pranzi are quite heavy. You’ll get foods with eggs to servings of sandwiches and other quickies. Moreover, the bacon burger there is very special and worth trying for.

At dinner, the pasta item comes into account with the other casual ones. The best thing about the kinds of pasta is the price and variations. The price is quite the same for all, but the diversity is a must; dragging you to the place multiple times for a trial.

Can’t go without the happy hour from 5 pm to 7 pm, bringing light meals on the table to go with the drinks. A good thing, you’re getting the sides that come with your meal separately. Fries, bacon, bagels, etc. are available. Also, deserts are there to sum up your meal at the end.

The restaurant is ready to serve you for dinner every day. But for brunch, you have to come during the weekends only. At that time, you can get the breakfast as well as the lunch item to go for.

Now, let’s dive to see what the menu brings to the table.

Indaco Charleston Menu and Services Explained with Price List

Indaco Charleston Restaurant Menu with Price List

At Indaco, you’re getting brunch dinner, and happy hour meals. The Italian restaurant is famous for its authentic traditional and heritage-filled items in the restaurant.

As per your desire and appetite, the items here are vastly diversified up to certain sections and criteria.


Starting the weekend with a perfect and delightful meal becomes a must. And when the restaurant is an Italian one like the Indaco, the meal has to possess specialty.  The brunch menu of Indaco Charleston is as follows:


Food ItemDescriptionPrice
WARM MARINATED OLIVESCastelvetrano, Cerignola, salsa verde, lemon$8
POLPETTEC.A.B., Keegan Filion pork, San Marzano tomato DOP, Parmesan, basil$15
LITTLE GEM LETTUCE*caesar, Parmesan, garlic crumb, cured egg$14
MUSHROOM SOFT SCRAMBLERaven Farms mushrooms, scrambled egg, ricotta, sourdough, chives$16
BURRATA TOASTsmashed avocado, prosciutto, arugula, aleppo, EVOO + Storey Farms egg*$17
ZEPPOLEsweet ricotta donut, caramel sauce$12
TIRAMISU WAFFLEwhipped mascarpone, orange zest, espresso powder, chocolate sauce$15
RICOTTA TOASTmixed berry jam, powdered sugar$13

A wide range of starters to start your meal! The special and most favorite ones among them are the little gem lettuce and the Burrata toast. Besides, the tiramisu waffle is quite popular and a favorite by the general audience as a brunch starter.

For a sweet take-up, the ricotta toast is fine. Otherwise, the palette can be a good meal along with a mushroom soft scramble for a good protein intake.


MARGHERITASan Marzano tomato DOP, mozzarella, basil, Parmesan$17
SPICY SOPPRESSATASan Marzano tomato DOP, mozzarella, basil, honey$18
BREAKFAST PIE*San Marzano tomato DOP, mozzarella, bacon, sausage, two sunny eggs$18
BIANCA VERDEricotta, fontina, mozzarella, garlic, Parmesan, parsley, arugula$17
SPRING ONIONricotta, fontina, mozzarella, leeks, garlic, lemon, honey$18

Yes, the breakfast pie is the one you would want to try visiting the Indaco during the weekend; after all, it’s the special one out there. You don’t get these every day like the other!

Coming in different flavors, the margarita is the basic and plain one with the sole cheese and tomato sauce in it. Taking a level above, the spicy soppressata is the one with common ingredients like the Margherita but upgraded and a bit decorated.

Moreover, the basic ones like the Margherita and spicy soppressata are good, but not the ones like the breakfast pie. Yes, the casual ones like the spring onion and Bianca Verde have their specialty as well. These are more or less the ones you get commonly throughout the day.

The Brunch:

Food ItemDescriptionPrice
ROADY PLATE*two Storey Farms Eggs any style, bacon, toast$15
EGGS IN PURGATORY*two eggs, spicy tomato, basil, Parmesan, toast$15
STEAK AND EGGS*4 oz CAB flatiron, two sunny eggs, olive vinaigrette$24
BAGEL SANDWICH*Ruby’s bagel, bacon, egg, cheese$15
OMELETTE*toasted benne seed, local greens, goat cheese, chili oil, basil$16

The brunch is the one you’ll be taking with a load of meals surrounding. As the course meal, pizza becomes more preferable to take with the brunch dishes. The ready plate got the eggs, toast, and bacon as a great meal to begin with skipping breakfast.

Steak and eggs is a fully loaded meal you’d want any day to have. Otherwise, the eggs in purgatory can be well amazing.

And, if you’re up to protein only, the bagel sandwich or omelet can be a good quicky to go for.


Food ItemDescriptionPrice
TAGLIATELLE*pork tea, black pepper, Storey Farms egg, chive, Parmesan$27
ORECCHIETTEKeegan Fillian pork ragu, San Marzano tomato DOP, garlic, basil, whipped ricotta$28
CAMPANELLECalabrian chili, garlic, San Marzano tomato DOP, basil, breadcrumb$26
CAPELLINItarragon, lemon, garlic, two sunny eggs$24
C.A.B. INDACO BURGER*lettuce, IR sauce, bacon, American cheese, rosemary fries$18
PROSCIUTTO SANDWICHProsciutto di Parma, burrata, arugula, EVOO, balsamic, rosemary fries$17

The heavy piano is here! The meal you take in the middle of the day is the main meal of the day!

The tagliatelle is the special one with farm egg and parmesan, probably the most favorite one in the restaurant. Similarly, the orecchiette with the addition of pork ragu.

There’s a sandwich and burger to sum up your appetite as well. These come with rosemary fries and other sides. And, if you want eggs only as a protein source with sides, the campanile and capellini are a good choice.


Food ItemPrice

If you want anything extra from the menu, the side items are always available. Not to mention, the main ingredients with proper and nicely served sides are the ones here. Be it the fries, toast, bagels, etc. you’re getting them separately here.

2. Dinner

The dinner here has the antipasti, pasta, pizza, piatti, and contorni section served during the hour.


FocacciaRosemary, Parmesan, piquillo pepper Romesco$9
Marinated OlivesCastelvetrano, Cerignola, salsa verde, lemon$9
Little Gem Lettuce*Caesar, parmesan, garlic crumb, cured egg$14
Roasted CarrotsCrispy prosciutto, sage, thyme, garlic, ricotta, honey$16
Prosciutto Di ParmaParmesan, honey, Lively Orchards apple, flatbread$22
BurrataFermented spring onion, watercress, radish, mint, Dijon$19
Shrimp ToastTarvin head-on shrimp, lemon, ‘King Salumi ‘nduja, butter, garlic$15
Kale SaladGolden beets, pickled shallots, goat cheese, spiced pistachios, orange$17
PolpetteC.A.B., Keegan Filion pork, San Marzano tomato DOP, basil, Parmesan$15
Crispy OystersGrilled radicchio salad, local honey, chili agrodolce, spring onion$18

The antipasti are the starters. Here, the items are made for a quick bite and consumption before you go on for a good hefty meal. Decorated and sectioned with salad items like the little gem lettuce, marinated olives, roasted carrots, kale salad, etc., you can surely uplift your eating spirit through them.

Moreover, for a tasty pinch of the tongue, there are shrimp toast and crispy oysters served with sides for a good dip. Burrata is also an amazing dish that surely helps to refresh you with its mint dips and recipes.


Tagliatelle*Pork tea, black pepper, Storey Farms egg, chives, parmesan$27
CampanelleRaven Farms oyster mushrooms, pickled beech mushroom, garlic, basil, pecorino$27
Radiatori NeroTarvin Shrimp, prosciutto, garlic, ginger, basil$28
MezzalunaQuattro formaggi, D.O.P. tomatoes, garlic, chili, basil$27
OrecchietteKeegan Fillian pork ragu, San Marzano DOP, garlic, basil, whipped ricotta$28
BucatiniSpicy ‘nduja salami, San Marzano DOP, green garlic, breadcrumbs$27
AgnolottiLamb neck, rosemary, red wine, San Marzano DOP, lamb jus$28

Who isn’t familiar with the kinds of pasta? But at Indaco, the pastas are special. The authentic Italian branch has all the pasta in the same range, with a variety of items and starters.

Here, you are getting a wide range of flavors like Keegan pork ragu in orecchiette, lamb in agnolotti, shrimp in radiator Nero, and whatnot. If you’re a spice lover, the bucatini is a go-to for you. A cheese quattro formaggi is delightful for a cheese lover out there.


Pizza DescriptionPrice
Margherita San Marzano tomato DOP, mozzarella, basil, parmesan$17
Spicy Soppressata San Marzano tomato DOP, mozzarella, basil, honey$18
Sausage San Marzano tomato DOP, fontina, smoked mozzarella, fennel, pickled red onion$18
Lonza Almond basil pesto, smoked mozzarella, fontina, cured pork loin, garlic, mint$20
Bianca Ricotta, fontina, mozzarella, garlic, Parmesan, rosemary$18
Spring Onion Leeks, fontina, mozzarella, ricotta, garlic, lemon, honey$18

When we talk about Italian food, pizza is one of the dishes that comes to our mind suddenly out of nowhere. This dish is the best basic favorite in the restaurant.

A sausage lover? Try the sausage pizza with various sausages decorated over the pizza. Lonza is also a basil pesto smoked pizza, bringing a different flavor to the table.

Bianca and spring onion pizzas are the go-to ones on the menu. The parmesan spread and rosemary flavor bring a different thrill to the taste.


Crispy PotatoesParmesan, Calabrian aioli$9
Charred GreensGarlic, shallot vinaigrette$9
CarrotsPecorino, aged balsamic$9
Butter BeansBacon, onion, orange$9
Wood-Fired BroccoliOlive vinaigrette, parmesan$9
PolentaChive, Parmesan$9

Contorni are the side dishes in the Italian restaurant. There are crispy potatoes, carrots, butter beans, and whatnot served with amazing dips and other ingredients.

They might be available with different dishes or menus on the list. If you want the little portion as a whole as a side, you have the list here.

3. Happy Hours

Happy hours are usually served from 5 pm to 7 pm. The food items are available at the bar only. These are light items to take up, so come in a good price to have beside your drinks.

Marinated OlivesCerignola, Castelvetrano, salsa verde, lemon$6
PolpetteC.A.B. beef, Keegan Filion pork, San Marzano tomato DOP, Parmesan, basil$9
Little Gem LettuceCaesar, Parmesan, garlic crumb, cured egg$7
MargheritaSan Marzano tomato DOP, mozzarella, basil, Parmesan$10
Prosciutto Di ParmaParmesan, Lively Orchards apple, honey, flatbread$14

Olives with your drink will elevate your overall experience a lot. Nonetheless, the little gem lettuce can be a good veggie dish as well.

For a heavier one, the polpette is there that brings beef and other side items. Margherita with basil leaf will give you the cheesiest quick meal.

The flatbread good to take meal prosciutto di parma is the best on the menu during this time. You can have it as a good meal with your meal for a good food time.


Who doesn’t want to enjoy the desert after a good meal? The Indaco at Charlotte got you there after your meal as well. The dessert list is good, their items altogether bring something new to the table if you’re into Italians.

TiramisuMascarpone, espresso, cocoa$13
The PalmerOlive oil gelato, sweet pistachio crumble, flake salt$12
Gelato TrioDaily assorted flavors, by Cirsea$8
SorbetDaily assorted flavor, by Cirsea$5
BiscottiAlmond, pistachio, orange$5
Orange Pistachio CakeOrange mascarpone, pistachio praline, candied orange$13
Plum CrostataWhipped cream, gingerbread cookie$16

The plum crostata is something new you’d be trying here. The gingerbread cookie with cream brings a different dish to the table.

The rest are quite good to go in the restaurant as the palmer, biscotti, and orange cake, are put well on the table. Don’t miss out on the tiramisu here because it’s very very tasty.

Indaco Charleston Address and Contact

Address: 526 King St, Charleston, SC 29403, USA
Contact: +1 843-727-1229

Indaco Charleston Opening and Closing Hours

DaysBrunchHappy HourDinner
Monday5 pm – 7 pm5 pm – 10 pm
Tuesday5 pm – 7 pm5 pm – 10 pm
Wednesday5 pm – 7 pm5 pm – 10 pm
Thursday5 pm – 7 pm5 pm – 10 pm
Friday5 pm – 7 pm5 pm – 11 pm
Saturday10 am – 2:30 pm5 pm – 7 pm5 pm – 11 pm
Sunday10 am – 2:30 pm5 pm – 7 pm5 pm – 10 pm

What time does Indaco Charleston start and stop serving dinner?

Indaco Charleston starts serving dinner at 5 pm and ends at 10 pm from Sunday to Thursday. But, on Friday and Saturday, the Italian restaurant starts serving dinner at 5 pm and stops a little later at 11 pm

What time does Indaco Charleston start and stop serving brunch?

Indaco Charleston serves brunch only twice every week, i.e., on Saturday and Sunday. It starts serving its food at 10 am and stops at 2:30 pm.

Does Indaco Charleston serve breakfast?

Yes, Indaco Charleston serves breakfast only on the weekends, i.e., on Saturday and Sunday. You’ll get the breakfast with the brunch items from the menu.

Making a Reservation at Indaco Charleston

During the peak hours or holiday season, getting a table at Indaco Charleson is not a cup of tea. People come and wait hours and hours, the unlucky ones mostly leave without a meal there.

So, make a reservation at the restaurant whenever you come here. And for that reason, the website assumes that the whole process is very simple. Kindly follow the following steps:

Step 1: Visit the website of the Indaco.

Step 2: Go to the menu section (at the top right tab of the website).

Step 3: Select the ‘Contact Us’ section.

Step 4: You’ll see a form to be filled out. Fill it up with necessary information like the date you want to visit, the number of tables you want, etc. Then, you’ll be directed towards your reservation confirmation and thus, you’re done booking a table at Indaco Charleston.

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Official Website

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Indaco Charleson serve vegetarian items?
Yes, there are lots of vegetarian items on the menu of Indaco Charleston. There are pizzas, pasta, main courses, side courses, extras, deserts, and whatnot that come fully for vegetarians. Moreover, you can custom any items there containing non-veg stuff.

2. Does Indaco Charleson serve any gluten-free items?
Yes, there are many gluten-free items at Indaco Charleson. These are mainly the veggie items, preferable to take during any time of the meal.

3. Can I Host a Private Event Or Celebration At Indaco Charleson?
Yes, you can host a private event or celebration at Indaco Charleson. You just have to confirm the number of expected guests at the event and the plates required for them. The rest can be negotiated with the restaurant authority.

Final Words

As a whole, the Indaco Charleston menu brings in almost every Italian main dish you’d want to have. Especially when it’s a weekend, the brunch menu is never to miss.

The chef brings in a lot of experience, culture, and heritage of Italy in the kitchen. So, whatever you’re getting, comes from the real authenticity and flavor; even the ingredients are imported. A lot to offer for you there, just your visit awaits. 

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