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Anson Restaurant Dress Code: Elegance and Expectations

When visiting Charleston, fine dining enthusiasts often seek establishments that offer both exquisite cuisine and a setting that complements the experience. Anson Restaurant is a notable destination for those who appreciate the hallmark combination of Southern hospitality and upscale seafood dining. Its reputation for serving high-quality, sustainable ingredients places it among the culinary highlights of the city.

The ambiance of Anson Restaurant mirrors the sophisticated yet warm character of Charleston itself. While the restaurant is known for its casual elegance, patrons frequently inquire about the appropriate attire to enhance their dining experience. The restaurant’s approach to dress code is one that aligns with its ambience—neat, polished, and fitting for a refined evening out. Choices that are too casual may detract from the upscale setting, yet there’s no need for formal attire unless it is preferred by the diner.

Anson’s subtle blend of a relaxed atmosphere with attentive service invites diners to enjoy their meals without the worry of strict dress codes. Instead, they encourage diners to dress smartly in a way that respects the quality and sophistication of the establishment. Within the cozy walls of Anson, the focus remains firmly on the enjoyment of exceptional Southern-inspired seafood dishes.

Dress Code Guidelines For Anson Restaurant

Anson Restaurant places emphasis on maintaining a refined dining atmosphere. The following subsections clearly define what attire fits within their dress code, from business casual to smart casual, including specific clothing recommendations and items to avoid.

Definition of Attire Categories

Business casual attire is one step down from formal, blending professionalism with comfort. Smart casual refers to a polished yet relaxed style. Formal attire suggests a high degree of sophistication, often including suits and evening gowns. Dressy encapsulates a look that is elegant and party-ready, without the strictness of formal wear.

Guidelines for Business Casual

For business casual, men might opt for slacks with a collared shirt, optionally adding a blazer for an elevated touch. Women can consider a blouse paired with dress pants or a pencil skirt. Closed-toe leather shoes for men and heels or flats for women complete this ensemble.

Guidelines for Smart Casual

In the realm of smart casual, chinos or dark jeans paired with a button-down shirt suffice for men. Women are encouraged to wear stylish separates or a chic dress with statement accessories. Footwear should remain polished but can show more individuality than business casual allows.

What to Wear

At Anson Restaurant, diners are recommended to dress in a way that shows respect for the occasion. For gentlemen, a jacket or blazer is advised, particularly during dinner. Ladies might consider a tasteful dress or tailored separates. Complementary accessories such as a belt or pocket square can enhance one’s overall appearance.

What to Avoid

Avoid wearing casual garments such as T-shirts, flip-flops, athletic shoes, or shorts. Overly revealing outfits or those with offensive graphics are also inappropriate. For a better understanding, Anson Restaurant expects diners to steer clear of attire one would typically wear to informal venues as advised on Dress Code Finder.

Visiting Anson: Tips and Etiquette

When planning a visit to Anson, it’s important to consider the restaurant’s dress code, ensure accessible accommodations for all guests, understand parking options, and make reservations in advance to guarantee a seamless dining experience.

Dining Etiquette

At Anson, guests are expected to dress in smart casual attire, leaning towards upscale. While jeans and sneakers may be acceptable during the day, evenings typically call for a more sophisticated look. Respectable dining behavior including polite interaction with staff and moderate noise levels ensures an enjoyable environment for all guests.

Accessibility for Differently-Abled Guests

The staff at Anson are dedicated to providing a comfortable dining experience for all guests. Those with specific accessibility needs can make arrangements prior to their visit by contacting the restaurant at their official contact number. This ensures any required accommodations are prepared in advance.


Finding parking in downtown Charleston can be challenging. Anson offers the convenience of street parking and a pay-lot adjacent to and across the street from the restaurant. It is suggested to arrive with ample time before the reservation to secure parking.


Guests are strongly encouraged to book a table ahead of time, particularly for dinner service, via Anson’s reservations page. Reservations help manage the flow of diners and provide the most accommodating service for guests’ preferences and special occasions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding the dress code for various restaurants can enhance the dining experience, ensuring that patrons feel comfortable and appropriately dressed. Here is what one needs to know about attire when dining out in Charleston, specifically at Anson Restaurant.

What is the dress code for upscale dining in Charleston?

Upscale dining in Charleston typically calls for business casual attire, with some restaurants recommending a slightly more sophisticated look. Patrons should aim to dress neatly and tastefully.

Are jeans acceptable attire at finer restaurants in Charleston?

While it depends on the specific restaurant, many upscale dining venues in Charleston may accept jeans if they are well-fitting and paired with a more elegant top. Casual dress is often permissible during daytime hours.

What do patrons typically wear to Anson Restaurant in Charleston?

Patrons at Anson Restaurant often dress in a smart casual manner, opting for a look that is upscale without being formal. It is advisable to avoid overly casual pieces like athletic wear.

What attire is recommended for a smart casual dining experience in Charleston?

For a smart casual dining experience, one should consider a polished yet comfortable outfit. This could include tailored pants or a stylish dress, paired with neat, closed-toe shoes.

How do dress codes vary among the top restaurants in Charleston?

The dress codes at Charleston’s top restaurants vary, with some being more stringent than others. It’s always best to check with each establishment beforehand to ensure conformity with their particular guidelines.

What should I wear for a dinner reservation at a high-end Charleston eatery?

For dinner at a high-end Charleston eatery, it is generally expected that one should dress smartly, which may include garments like a jacket or blazer for men and an elegant dress or blouse for women.

Does Anson Restaurant maintain a smart casual dress code?

Anson Restaurant typically adheres to a smart casual dress code, making it suitable for diners to dress neatly and stylishly, in line with the upscale ambiance of the establishment.

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