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Zero George Menu, Hours and More [Updated in 2024]

Zero George Restaurant represents the Southern charm and culinary experience. Single-row house, The elegant atmosphere of historic Charleston has candlelit tables and exposed brick to make the environment gentle. But you can only visit here for dinner because Zero George restaurant opens at 4:30 pm and closes before 12:00 pm. This place is for celebrating special occasions, where you can celebrate with your loved ones and taste their crafted menu.

Zero George is ideal for having an unforgettable dinner experience. Chef Vinson Petrillo utilizes the freshest seasonal ingredients to craft a symphony of flavors where each course is a testament to his innovative artistry. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, a birthday, or simply seeking a night of indulgence, Zero George offers a truly unique and memorable dining experience.

They mostly focus on seasonal ingredients to make their menu. Thus, the menu evolves over time. At Zero George, you will experience the finest local ingredients and the chef’s creative flair. Their signature Caviar & Bananas is one of the playful and luxurious combinations to try at first. Besides, the Regis Ova caviar, cultured butter, and a touch of smoked maple syrup in the dish make the items more palatable. 

Zero George’s menu has the best Beef Wellington in town, which is another must-try classic of this restaurant. The tender filet mignon wrapped in a symphony of duxelles, puff pastry, and earthy black truffles are some of the people’s choice award-winning dishes to order at first. Moreover, the Ocean Trout is prepared with bright salsa and delicate squash blossoms, and with each bite, you’ll discover the true essence of Charleston’s culinary spirit. Though these are some examples of Zero George’s menu, it has more dedicated customizing ordering features to make your experience more special.

Detail Overview of Zero George Charleston Menu

Zero George Menu and Services

Zero George Restaurant is ready to serve you the experience of the seasonal tasting menu. Each course is crafted with the freshest, locally sourced ingredients. Also, Zero George restaurant only focuses on the dinner setup where the meal can be further divided into three sections: appetizer, main course, and dessert. 


While each dish promises a delightful experience, the Caviar & Bananas consistently grab everyone’s attention. This unique and luxurious combination of Regis Ova caviar, creamy cultured butter, and a touch of smoked maple syrup creates an explosion of flavors to impress your taste buds. Here’s a list of appetizers that are available as options. 

Dish NameDescription 
Taste of the FarmA combination of seasonal and local vegetables and small bites showcasing the farm’s bounty.
Royal Red PrawnFreshly caught prawn served with green garlic and furikake seasoning (a Japanese rice condiment).
OysterA local oyster served with Zero George’s signature hot sauce and frozen cucumber for a refreshing and spicy contrast.
TostadaA small, open-faced Mexican dish featuring smoked trout roe for a unique and flavorful start.
TartareFinely chopped raw meat (unspecified in the menu) served with egg yolk and shin koji (a fermented rice product) for a rich and savory experience.
Caviar & BananasA luxurious combination of Regis Ova caviar, cultured butter, and smoked maple syrup for an indulgent and unexpected pairing.

Table: Appetizer Menu of Zero George’s Restaurant

As the tasting menu progresses, it prepares you to be surprised and delighted by the main course. From the taste of the farm’s vibrant bounty to the Beef Wellington’s indulgence, each bite promises a journey of culinary discovery. Once you are prepared for the main course, it will amaze you with its vibrant arrangement. 

Main Course

As the main course unfolds, prepare yourself to be captivated by the innovative use of seasonal ingredients to detail. From the Lightly Smoked Tuna’s textual interplay to the Ocean Trout’s vibrant symphony of flavors, each course will serve you a unique and delightful culinary adventure. Spend your evening at Zero George’s residence, where you can see craft the unique dish of Charleston. Also, you can experience how elegant the dishes’ artistry was as the entire menu. 

Dish NameDescription
Lightly Smoked TunaSeared tuna with tomato, pancetta XO (a type of cured pork belly), and a crispy pancake for a textural and flavorful dish.
Ocean TroutPan-seared ocean trout accompanied by salsa verde (a green sauce), squash blossoms, and crab rice for a bright and flavorful combination.
Beef WellingtonA classic dish of filet mignon wrapped in puff pastry, duxelles (a mushroom paste), and black truffles, served with Vadouvan potato (potatoes seasoned with a unique Indian spice blend).

Table: Main Course of Zero George’s Restaurant

Among these crafted dishes, Beef Wellington consistently wins everyone’s heart. This iconic dish features a tender filet mignon nestled within a flaky puff pastry crust. Besides, the crust remains enveloped in rich and flavorful duxelles. The earthy essence of black truffles elevates the experience, while the Vadouvan potato adds a touch of warmth and exotic spice. Each bite adds a flavor that will leave a lasting impression on even the most discerning palate.


Zero George Restaurant is dedicated to serving you exceptional cuisine that will extend beyond the savory dishes. Their dessert offers the perfect finale to your memorable dining experience. Each crafted item of Zero George is made with the same attention to detail and commitment to local ingredients.

Dish Name Description
Johns Island BlueberriesA decadent dessert featuring local blueberries paired with egg yolk custard and passionfruit for a sweet and tart finish.
Salted & Malted ChocolateA rich and textural dessert combining chocolate with a hint of salt and malt flavors, served with caramelized brioche.

Table: Dessert of Zero George’s Restaurant

While both desserts promise a delightful conclusion, the Johns Island Blueberries consistently receive high praise. This creation showcases the region’s vibrant blueberries nestled in a rich and creamy egg yolk custard. A touch of passionfruit adds a delightful tartness, creating a perfect balance of sweet and tangy flavors. Each spoonful is an ode to the bounty of South Carolina, leaving a lingering taste of pure satisfaction. Indulge in the artistry and flavors of Zero George’s desserts, the perfect culmination of your culinary journey. 

Operational Hour & Order Process from Zero George’s Restaurant 

Zero George’s restaurant is located at 0 George Street in Charleston, South Carolina, in the historic middle of the United States. As the serving time is limited to dinner only, the rush hour is also between 7 pm to 10 pm. However, the restaurant stays open up to 12 pm most of the week. 

DayOpening HoursClosing Hours
Sunday4:30 PM12:00 PM
Monday4:30 PM12:00 PM
Tuesday 4:30 PM12:00 PM
Wednesday4:30 PM12:00 PM
Thursday4:30 PM12:00 PM
Friday4::30 PM12:00 PM
Saturday4:30 PM12:00 PM

Table: Operational Hour of Zero George’s Restaurant

As Zero George restaurant only serves the dinner menu, it has no breakfast and lunch options. The dinner menu will be available every day from 4:30 pm to 12:00 pm. The time may change depending on the upcoming occasion when the details will be announced. 

Zero George restaurant specializes in providing fast service, and payments can be made with credit and debit cards. Also, you can take these service options to order from this restaurant.

  • Kerbside Pickup
  • No-contact Delivery 
  • Takeaway
  • Dine-in

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the price of Zero George’s Restaurant’s tasting menu? 

An approximate price will be between $120 and $145, which is affordable based on the taste and elegance they serve. As the menu changes seasonally, the price likely fluctuates.

Does The Restaurant Offer a Vegan Tasting Menu? 

Yes, Zero George’s Restaurant has that option where you can customize your order based on your preference. As the reservation requires time, It’s best to call the restaurant and inquire about their current offerings and potential accommodations.

What Are Some Of The Typical Ingredients Used In The Tasting Menu? 

The menu highlights seasonal and local ingredients, so the specifics would change frequently. However, you can expect fresh seafood, vegetables, and meat alongside unique flavor combinations. Zero George primarily focuses on their seasonal tasting menu, and it’s unlikely they offer individual dishes a la carte.

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